Firearm Safety & Concealed Carry Classes 

Our classes are designed around our belief that every person is personally responsible for his/her own safety; and train with the ability to defend themselves. 


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We live and train by these basic guiding principles:

  • If you own a firearm, whether for sport or defense, in the home or carrying daily, you owe it to society, yourself, and your loved ones to handle them safely, be proficient in their use, and understand the law.
  • Everyone is unique. There is no single “Right Way”. We must find your way, the techniques and skills that work for you, within the parameters of firearms safety and good sense.
  • Train for the street. Train for life. Train like you mean it. You have probably heard it before: what you do in training you will do on the street.
  • These are perishable skills. Continue your training, practice regularly, and always evaluate what you have learned and practiced.
  • If you want to shoot fast and hit, there is no substitute for live-fire training.


Private Individual & Group Class

Many new shooters don't know what to expect or don't feel comfortable with a firearm.  Let our instructors spend some one on one time with you to learn the basic of firearm safety and handling. Our Introduction to Handgun classes are usually small group sizes to offer lots of hands on training. 

We have hosted private classes for family and friends that want to train together.  If you have a group that would like to take a class together, we do offer group classes for beginners to advanced shooters. 

Recommended Reading for all Responsible Firearm Owners

Here is a list of books we offer for sale. 

We also highly recommend you purchase a book written by Jon H. Gutmacher, Esq called "Florida Firearm Law & Use"  For more information go to Florida Firearm Law & Use Web Site. To keep up with all the changing laws you should keep up with all the current information on Mr. Jon H. Gutmacher, Esq "gun Blog" at 

Another great book for you to read is Massad Ayoob wrote "Deadly Force: Understanding Your Rights For Self Defense" The Massad Group Firearms Training is a wonderful resource for advance shooting classes. 

For woman we recommend "The Corned Cat" by Kathy Jackson


General Information

We ask students to arrive 15 minutes early to ensure enough time for sign-in.  Anyone more then 10 minutes late can not be permitted in classroom. 

NO LOADED FIREARMS in CLASSROOM.  All firearms will be checked and buddy checked.

You may bring notebook & pen to class but not video or recorded devices aloud in classroom.

Ammo must be purchase right before you enter into the range.